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Hi, I'm Kristie – founder of Uncover Mental Health Counseling, a private psychotherapy practice for high achievers, based in Midtown Manhattan! Born and raised in New York, I know the pressure of being a high achiever in NYC is real. It can be even harder when you are a woman or a person of color trying to climb a corporate ladder that often requires you to fit yourself into a neurotypical, White, heterosexual cis-male box. But challenges don't phase you; you set goals and crush them anyway. The problem is that you've reached a point in your life where you've built a successful life and career on the outside, but on the inside, you feel empty and unfulfilled. You find yourself questioning why you're even doing what you're doing, and what comes next. 

I know how you feel because I was you, achieving every goal set out in front of me yet never feeling fulfilled. After noticing a lack of therapists in New York City who looked like me or were qualified to support people similar to me, I launched Uncover Mental Health Counseling as a solo private practice in 2019. For high achieving women or people of color or members of the LGBTQ+ community, it can be difficult to find effective mental health services from someone who really gets you. This is because many of us are battling hidden barriers that we don't even realize are there — from systemic racism that encourages self-oppression and the patriarchy that tells us expressing feelings is a weakness, to our capitalist society that glorifies overwork and burnout. I quickly saw how much of a demand there was for culturally sensitive, evidence-based therapy for high achievers. In 2020, during the peak of the global pandemic, Uncover Mental Health Counseling expanded to provide online services to meet the increased need for mental health care. 

Today, we have practitioners consisting of Asian, Black, and Queer therapists who leverage the depth of their personal experience and professional expertise, with one specific goal in mind: to help high achievers cultivate a life of ease without forgoing their drive to thrive. Our diverse team is perfectly slated to serve the AAPI, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ communities who are struggling to feel good enough despite the success they've achieved so far in life.

Finding an expert therapist in NYC doesn't have to be hard. Whether you are trying to unpack the root of your issues; or trying to cope with anxiety, depression, addiction, stress; or trying to create a healthier relationship with others and yourself, we are 100% committed to creating real, lasting results with you.





Words from our patients

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    "With Kristie's guidance and therapy exercises, I've gained so many tools to help me through times of stress and feel more empowered both personally and professionally."

    A. B.
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    "I've been seeing Kristie for over a year now and I could not recommend her more. She provides a safe and understanding space to hear me out and work in partnership..."

    S. G.
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    "Dr. Tse created a safe space when other therapists couldn't. She listens, understands and walks me through difficult times of my life."

    N. J.
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    "Therapy with Kristie has really opened up my eyes to a lot of things about myself and it has been a great experience."

    Theresa H.
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    "Dr. Tse gives out useful advice and tools to both help understand whats happening and what can be done about it."

    Joey B.


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