Dialectical Behavioral Therapy



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Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based type of cognitive behavioral therapy that focuses on two broad goals: acceptance and making changes. Our therapists focus on four key techniques to reach these goals:

  1. Mindfulness: You learn mindfulness techniques that allow you to exist in the present moment. This skill helps you spend less time dwelling on past pain or worrying about future challenges. As you become more mindful, you pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Then you're better prepared to choose your behaviors.
  2. Distress tolerance: Distress tolerance refers to improving your ability to endure pain and other negative emotions rather than trying to ignore or escape from them. By acknowledging your emotions, you can move forward, make positive changes, and safely navigate through difficult circumstances.
  3. Emotional regulation: This part of your therapy gives you skills and strategies for managing the intense and negative emotions that cause problems in your life and relationships. You learn ways to identify, understand, and cope with emotions, a skill set that's essential for interpersonal effectiveness.
  4. Interpersonal effectiveness: DBT teaches you techniques to communicate your feelings, thoughts, and needs clearly and confidently. You learn to be assertive and honest without letting anger and damaging emotions enter the conversation. By doing so, you maintain your self-respect and get your needs met while also nurturing and strengthening your relationships with others.


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) benefits those who tend to see things in black and white. They view situations as one way or the other. They may not be able to see a middle ground or find a gray area. DBT can help you develop or refine coping skills. It was first designed to treat borderline personality disorder but is known to effectively help those struggling with: