Couples Therapy



Regardless of the length of your relationship, navigating through arising issues is inevitable and can feel isolating. Whether you and your partner are mending fractures in your relationship, or if you are doing well and wish to prepare for a future together, you might wonder what you can do to build and connect on a deeper level as a loving team. 

We work with couples to develop better communication skills, learn effective conflict resolution methods, and discover the unique meaning of being a couple. Our couple’s therapy approach draws from research-based interventions such as: Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT) and the Gottman Method. EFT works to enhance each partner’s emotional awareness and improve interactions so that they can understand why certain behaviors predictably lead to more miscommunication and frustration. The Gottman Method helps couples to communicate without blame, manage conflicts, and connect in a way that reflects individual and shared wishes. We strive to help you understand each other and feel understood in your relationship.

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