We accept private pay and most PPO insurances with “out of network” benefits. Some major PPO insurances includes BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD, CIGNA, AETNA, and UNITED HEALTHCARE.

Many people have “out of network” benefits included in their benefit plan without their knowledge. Insurances typically reimburse somewhere between 60%-80% of their reasonable and customary rate after the deductible is met. 

You can contact your insurance company to determine what percentage they will pay for out of network psychotherapy.

Ask your insurance, "Do I have out-of-network benefits?" and "What is your reimbursement rate for outpatient psychotherapy?

If you are experiencing difficulties getting in touch with your insurance company, please feel free to contact me for assistance. 

We will submit all claims as an in-network provider would so that you will not have to send in receipts.

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