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Anger Q&A

Get to the root of your anger and turn it into action.

Living and working in the busy and chaotic New York environment can be exciting and exhilarating, but for high achievers in
particular it can also be incredibly frustrating. Whether it’s seeing a colleague get the promotion you were vying for or just
coming home to your partner after a long day at work, feelings of anger may manifest as negative self-talk and bullying, outward hostility, or passive aggression.

The truth is, when it comes to anger there’s often other emotions hidden beneath the surface. If you were raised in a family that
viewed anger as more acceptable than other emotions like sadness, you may have learned to mask your feelings with rage and
now find it difficult to express other, more vulnerable feelings in adulthood.

If your feelings of anger are making it hard to deal with everyday life and causing you or people around you pain, it may be time
to seek out anger therapy in NYC.

Did You Know That…?

High achievers are often motivated by anger and worry that without it, they’ll lose their drive to succeed. Feelings of anger fueled by thoughts like “I’ll show them” can be a powerful driver for success, but living with unchecked aggression, whether it’s
experienced internally or directed externally, can lead to depression, anxiety, and physical symptoms.

For high-achieving New Yorkers, there are numerous factors that may be contributing to your feelings of overwhelming anger:

● Living in a high-stress, fast-paced environment requires juggling many responsibilities, and failing to meet your own
high expectations can lead to feelings of irritability
● The competitive, career-focused NYC culture may make you wary of being vulnerable, causing you to mask emotions
like hurt or shame with anger in order to feel safe
● Being surrounded by other high achievers who always seem to be doing better than you can create feelings of
annoyance, disdain, or feigned apathy, as well as self-bullying (“Why can’t I be more like them?”)

How Can We Help?

High achievers may be reluctant to seek therapy for anger because they believe they should be able to handle everything on
their own, but when anger is interfering with your life it’s time to seek anger management therapy in NYC. Our experienced
therapists can help you understand the root of your anger and build healthier coping skills for a happier life.
At Uncover Mental Health Counseling, our therapists use cognitive behavioral therapy, rational emotive behavioral therapy,
dialectical behavioral therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy to help you navigate four key milestones along the path to releasing your anger:

1. COVER YOUR PAST: We begin with digging into your past in order to understand where your anger began and what
other emotions may be lying beneath it.
2. UNCOVER YOUR PATTERNS: Together we'll work to gain awareness of what triggers your anger and how it’s
impacting your daily life, relationships, and career.
3. DISCOVER YOUR POTENTIAL: You’ll build healthier coping skills, cognitive restructuring skills, emotion regulation
skills, and mindfulness skills in order to deal with your emotions before they turn into rage.
4. RECOVER YOUR POWER: By the end of therapy, you’ll understand the source of your anger and how to turn it into
action to fuel the life you want.

Break Free of Anger So You Can Live a Happier Life

At Uncover Mental Health Counseling, our anger management therapists aren’t just here to listen to you vent. If you’re tired of
feeling angry and are ready to create real change, we have the evidence-based tools and therapeutic modalities to help you get
to the root of your rage and create a more peaceful life.