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Depression is a condition that casts darkness over your life, taking away every pleasure and seemingly replacing it with despair. Kristie Tse, MA, LMHC, NCC, and the caring and compassionate mental health specialists at Uncover Mental Health Counseling PLLC in Midtown, Manhattan, provide counseling services for people experiencing depression. They also care for patients who have other mental health disorders, like anxiety. Call the New York City office to schedule a consultation or request an appointment online today.


Overcome chronic feelings of emptiness and take back control over your life.

High achievers, especially those who live in New York, have a tendency to associate fulfillment with accomplishments because they’ve been taught that their happiness and worth are directly related to their ability to crush goals at an early age.

Unfortunately, life happens and even high achievers can’t be on their A-game all of the time. The problem is when something is wrong in the life of a high achiever, they tend to think it's because they haven't accomplished enough, and that they can fake it ‘til they make it.

The truth is, sometimes being a high achiever can make you feel like you're expected to be happy all the time and when you struggle with depression daily, it may feel like you’ve lost control. You may have a hard time understanding why you can't just “get over it” and move on, or why you can't just “snap out of it” like you do when you are on top of your game. You might also feel like your achievements are meaningless because they don't know what else to do to make themselves feel better.

It can be incredibly frustrating for someone who has worked hard for everything they have achieved to feel like that effort is failing them now. But depression doesn't care if you have a great job, amazing relationships, or luxurious things in your home: it just happens. It's not your fault, and we're here to help.

Did You Know That…?

High achievers are more likely to experience depression. A person struggling with depression may experience hopelessness, excessive sadness, loss of interest in passions, low energy, sleep problems, anger/crying outbursts, and trouble concentrating.

Depression is a serious problem that can affect anyone. But sometimes people who have been doing well in life or have achieved a lot and had a lot of success—like high achieving New Yorkers—fall into depression because:

● High achievers may not have given themselves the time to sit back and assess their emotional capacity to manage the stress of having more and more responsibilities
● High achievers are used to having control over situations so when something unexpected happens, they don't know how to react to sudden changes.
● Failure shakes up a high achiever’s core identity so when you're not able to meet your own standards or even someone else's standards for you, it can feel like the end of the world and affect your ability to function normally in everyday life making you feel even worse about yourself.

Your depression may be caused by some of these reasons, all of these reasons, or it could stem from something entirely different. The best therapist in NYC can help you understand your feelings of depression and develop the coping skills to regain control over your life.

How Can We Help?

Taking the first step to getting professional help can be really hard especially since high achievers often struggle to admit that they have a problem. High achievers are often perfectionists who expect themselves to be able to do everything perfectly, and so when they start to show signs of depression, they think it's just a sign that they're not good enough.
At Uncover Mental Health Counseling, using cognitive behavioral therapy, rational emotive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy, a qualified therapist will guide you through four key milestones that will help you manage your depression safely and healthily.

1. COVER YOUR PAST: Our process begins with an evaluation of your history of depression and its complete impact on your work and relationships
2. UNCOVER YOUR PATTERNS: We will develop insight into how depressive symptoms show up throughout your development and how it affects your life currently.
3. DISCOVER YOUR POTENTIAL: Together, we will develop your coping skills, challenge distorted thinking patterns, and regulate your emotions so that you can feel more fulfilled.
4. RECOVER YOUR POWER: By the end of the treatment, you’ll be able to identify distorted thinking and resort to healthier coping mechanisms such as grounding exercises and techniques. In the end, we can help you recenter yourself, develop healthier coping habits, and spark interest in both your old hobbies and new passions./p>

We’re here to help you get through the all-encompassing fog of depression that makes it hard to do anything.

We know that it can be difficult to find the best therapist in NYC because high achievers want someone who will help them do even better at what they do. Uncover Mental Health Counseling makes it easier for you to get the high-quality mental health services you need to get better. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!