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You may have complete confidence in your gender identity yet suffer emotionally from stigma and antagonism toward the LGBTQ+ community. Or you could be facing the difficult decision of coming out or struggling to find balance in a new relationship. No matter what problem you face, Kristie Tse, MA, LMHC, NCC, and the therapists at Uncover Mental Health Counseling PLLC in Midtown Manhattan have extensive experience working with and supporting people of all gender identities. To schedule an appointment, call the New York City office or book online today.

LGBTQ+ Services Q&A

What issues do LGBTQ+ services deal with?

The team at Uncover Mental Health Counseling PLLC works with the full scope of issues affecting people in the LGBTQ+ community, including sexual intimacy, substance abuse, body image issues, and kinks.

Their therapists have extensive experience working with transgender and gender non-conforming folx, helping them navigate gender identity challenges and the transition process.

The team supports the LGBTQ+ community through all of the challenges they face in a world that discriminates against their personal choice. Many in the community experience trauma and need therapy to manage the emotional impact. Or you may need help with depression, anxiety, or self-esteem issues.

Relationship conflicts affect everyone, but the complex societal and personal challenges faced by LGBTQ+ couples are unique. The team at Uncover Mental Health Counseling PLLC truly understands and can help you learn to manage your stress and improve your relationship.

What LGBTQ+ services might I receive?

Uncover Mental Health Counseling PLLC primarily uses cognitive behavioral therapy for clients needing mental health services. However, your therapy is individualized. The heart of your therapy focuses on the challenges you face, and you can choose individual or couples therapy, depending on your goals. 

The team may arrange supportive sessions that include your family and friends. These sessions can focus on coming out or other relationship challenges. Your therapist at Uncover Mental Health Counseling PLLC also serves as your advocate and can help you find community or medical resources.

What philosophy sets LGBTQ+ services apart?

The team at Uncover Mental Health Counseling PLLC is highly trained in cultural competency and LGBTQ+ challenges. But behind their training and experience lie a deep philosophy that guides the care they provide.

They’re dedicated to embracing everyone’s many intersecting identities (race, class, sex, gender, sexuality, age) and understanding how these differences affect each person’s sense of self and how they relate to others.

Embracing each person’s nuanced identity involves reconciling and connecting diverse cultural characteristics by perceiving their similarities. At the same time, recognizing and valuing unique differences allows each person to complement and enrich one another, replacing antagonism with acceptance.

Most of their therapists identify as therapists of color, giving them the insight and perspective to fully empathize with each person’s situation.

No matter what challenges you face as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, the team at Uncover Mental Health Counseling PLLC is prepared to stand with you and offer the therapy you need to overcome them and thrive.

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