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Relationship conflicts are inevitable, and if they go unresolved, the ongoing stress and disagreements deteriorate the foundation of your relationship. When you’re stuck in a relationship conflict, Kristie Tse, MA, LMHC, NCC, and the experienced therapists at Uncover Mental Health Counseling PLLC in Midtown Manhattan provide the help you need. No matter what issues lie at the root of your conflict, they teach you how to improve communication and resolve conflict. To schedule an appointment, call the New York City office or request one today.

Relationship Conflict Q&A

What is relationship conflict?

Disagreements are a fact of life. If you’re in any type of relationship, whether with a partner, parent, child, friend, or co-worker, you can count on occasional conflicts and arguments.

Relationship conflicts — any disagreement, argument, or debate between people in a relationship — are common but complex. They have the power to strengthen or destroy the relationship, depending on how you handle the problem.

How do relationship conflicts arise?

Every person enters relationships with their own skills, personality, values, opinions, habits, and past experiences. All of these variables work together to determine how each person communicates and interacts with others.

Somewhere along the way, whether occasionally or frequently, your unique qualities and communication style will clash with the other person in your relationship.

If everyone in the relationship faces the problem honestly, with respect for the other person, and without judgment, they usually resolve the conflict.

But if their communication is hostile, critical, blaming, and demanding, they can’t deal with the conflict. Then the dispute simmers below the surface, waiting to explode in the future.

When should I seek help for relationship conflicts?

As a general guideline, it’s best to talk with a counselor as soon as you recognize that the conflict remains unresolved and the relationship is in trouble. However, it’s not always easy to decide when to seek counseling.

If you have questions, meet with a therapist at Uncover Mental Health Counseling PLLC, and they can help you decide about the best path.

Another challenge occurs when the other person in the relationship isn’t willing to go in counseling with you. It’s important to know that individual counseling can still help you learn how to better communicate and decide about your next step.

How does therapy help relationship conflict?

Uncover Mental Health Counseling PLLC helps couples understand that effective communication skills are about more than exchanging information. To communicate, each person in the relationship must understand the emotion and intentions behind the information.

One of the goals of conflict resolution is learning to identify the beliefs, habits, and experiences that affect the way each person communicates and responds. Your therapist uses different techniques to help you discern all aspects of communication and resolve problems. 

Then you can use your new skills to set personal boundaries and maintain healthy relationships.

If you need help with a relationship conflict, call Uncover Mental Health Counseling PLLC or book an appointment online today.