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Relationship conflicts are inevitable, and if they go unresolved, the ongoing stress and disagreements deteriorate the foundation of your relationship. When you’re stuck in a relationship conflict, Kristie Tse, MA, LMHC, NCC, and the experienced therapists at Uncover Mental Health Counseling PLLC in Midtown Manhattan provide the help you need. No matter what issues lie at the root of your conflict, they teach you how to improve communication and resolve conflict. To schedule an appointment, call the New York City office or request one today.

Relationship Conflict Q&A

Discover the roots of your conflict and reboot your relationship.

Dating and being in a relationship in New York is tough, especially as a high achiever. The people you meet are intelligent and
accomplished, but it seems people find it difficult to settle down. And when you are settled down, your goals and standards
sometimes get in the way of your relationships – whether it’s prioritizing work, having little tolerance for those who are not of
high caliber, or thinking hard work will trump disconnection. It becomes hard to accept that you can’t level up in a relationship
the way you would in your career.

The truth is, your relationship issues likely have been brewing for a while and didn’t happen overnight. You or your partner may
have learned to become defensive, avoid conflict, or criticize someone’s character during moments of disconnection at an early
age. You or your partner may have learned that you have to prioritize work and struggle to succeed throughout development. It
can feel helpless after countless efforts to make the relationship work out but sometimes it’s hard to see the core conflict of the
relationship without an unbiased third-person perspective.

It’s not too late for you and your loved one to have a healthy relationship; at Uncover Mental Health Counseling, our relationship specialists in NYC offer mental health services to help resolve relationship conflicts for high achievers.

Did You Know That…?

High achievers are more likely to experience conflicts in their relationships. This can manifest as criticism, contempt,
defensiveness, or stonewalling. You might be verbally attacking their personality or insulting their sense of self, victimizing
yourself to ward off a perceived attack, withdrawing to express disapproval but avoid conflict.
If you're a high-achieving New Yorker who is experiencing relationship conflict, it might be because:

● High achievers have high standards which can lead to increased criticism and contempt.
● High achievers are hard-working and passionate about their careers, which can lead to them neglecting personal
● High-achieving New Yorkers tend to be very independent and self-sufficient, which can make it hard for them to open
up and talk about their feelings so they may stonewall and bottle up their emotions until they reach a breaking point.
● High achievers who feel the need to be right all the time due to their fear of being wrong which can lead to further
miscommunication with their partner.

Your relationship conflict may be rooted in these reasons or something different. The best therapist in NYC can help you
understand why you’re struggling in your relationship and develop the relational skills necessary to have fulfilling relationships.

How Can We Help?

As a high achiever, it might be hard to admit that you have relationship issues because there’s this underlying assumption that
everyone else is doing fine so your competitive nature might hold you back from admitting that you are not okay. Our process is
designed to let that go so that you can stop faking it til you make it and resolve your relationship conflict effectively and healthily.

At Uncover Mental Health Counseling, using cognitive behavioral therapy, rational emotive behavioral therapy, dialectical
behavioral therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy, a qualified therapist will guide you through four key milestones
that will help you manage your anxiety safely and healthily.

1. COVER YOUR PAST: Our process starts with an assessment of getting to know you, your value formation,
communication styles, and ways of handling conflict resolution as you learned growing up from your own family and
2. UNCOVER YOUR PATTERNS: We will develop insight into the relationship patterns that were created as a result of
these experiences and how they've played out over time and circumstances with people in your life.
3. DISCOVER YOUR POTENTIAL: Together, we will work on your effective communication skills, emotion regulation
skills, and stress management skills—exists within each pattern so that you can start seeing yourself as a whole
person rather than just as someone who has been hurt or wronged by others.
4. RECOVER YOUR POWER: By the end of the treatment, you’ll be able to communicate more effectively, which will help
you share ideas instead of just telling each other what you think should happen. You'll also learn how to trust that your
partner will be there for you even if something goes wrong—and that's really important for high achievers!

Let’s Fix What’s Not Working—Consult a Professional Now

We believe that having a balanced life—one that allows for the highest level of productivity and efficiency while also allowing for
rest and valuable connections with loved ones—is essential to being successful, and we want to help you find that balance. Our
mental health services are designed specifically for high-achieving New Yorkers who need support managing the stress of their
careers while maintaining healthy relationships. Talk to a top-rated therapist in NYC—call us today.